10 Hudson Yards, NYC

Tenant fit-out work for the top five floors on a new concrete building at the Hudson Yards Development. The project requires the design of four (4) L-Shape and one (1) U-Shape floating staircases with 4-inch thick saw-tooth plate center stringers supported only at two ends.

The design was carried out prior to the completion of the base building and advance package for the staircase supports was issued for the creation of the required openings during the base building construction phase and making sure that primary structure were designed and built for the staircase reactions. Collaborated with the base building Engineer of Record for the structural modification of the base building to accommodate the tenant work floor opening requirements.

The design of the staircases were fully vetted and obtained commitment from a steel fabricator that able to make certain of successful fabrications of the 4-inches thick saw-tooth center stringers as designed and achieve the stringent construction tolerances of architecturally exposed structural steel members including field welding of splices. Erection logistical challenges were evaluated very early on during the design process including the special detailing for easy field installation of glass risers to accommodate the transparency required architecturally while maintaining compliance with the closed stringer code requirements.


HLW International