Offutt School of Business

Major renovation of a former dining hall, servery and kitchen building built circa 1969. The work involved the complete demolition of the second floor interior framing and replaced it with new two story steel frame structure while retaining the exterior brick facade.

A full height clerestory at the center of the building was created to form as part of the full building height atrium which also required carving out a curve opening at the existing first floor waffle slab. A fist floor column was removed to create a large classroom that required the use of double wide-flange steel girders attached to the existing adjacent columns that required steel angle jacketing to enhance their capacities. The building is situated in a site with highly compressible expansive clay. With the increase in foundation loadings and the necessity to maintain acceptable differential settlements without inducing cracks to the existing brick façade that to be retained, the enlargement of existing footings and the increase in their thicknesses were done in manner that address not only the additional immediate settlements but also the long-term consolidated settlements. Rigorous settlement design calculations were performed during conceptual design phase to demonstrate to the Client the viability of the project with utmost certainty that the critical aspect of the project can be reasonably dealt with before obtaining full approval to proceed with the architectural design intents. The project was completed on time and on budget.

Budget $12 million