New York

Major renovation of the entire 3-story wood structure built circa 1920 and situated in a flood hazard area for adaptive use as the new Hewlett-Packard’s New York City base. The work involved extensive structural modifications including the removal of a portion of a timber column on the First Floor to accommodate the required open space for costumer experience area.

The upper remaining portion of the timber column was hung from the newly installed steel frames at the roof which also support the newly installed mechanical equipment units including the boiler and the chillers. In response to the flood event during Superstorm Sandy which inundated the building, a comprehensive flood mitigation measures were carried out including the construction of new pressure slab at the basement level the design of removable flood walls. The implemented flood mitigation measures were one of the early projects approved by NYC DOB under Appendix G: Flood-Resistant Construction after Superstorm Sandy.


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